Professional Ag Services is an agricultural consulting business founded in 1987. We have grown from a two man operation to a company with a large full-time staff providing services for thousands of acres every year.

Serving the greater Columbia Basin since 1987

What we do for Northwest growers

Professional Ag Services provides proven scientific monitoring of your fields and crops. Whether it's moisture readings taken five feet below the ground or digital infrared observation from 5000 feet in the sky, we monitor many things that affect the health of your crops. We equip our technicians with the lastest technology, like neutron probes, mobile internet, and iPads, in order to collect data in your fields up to twice a week, so that you can efficiently utilize your time, irrigation water, electricity, and other resources.

See the big picture

With our aerial photography service, you will gain a comprehensive view of your fields and begin to truly understand all of the factors affecting the health of your crops. Our weekly flights produce the high resolution infrared, normal color, and vegetative analysis you need to start planning how to allocate scarce resources more efficiently. Thanks to the ability to accurately visualize any variations in irrigation, crop stress, and soil composition on your lands, our service pays for itself, and when you see everything at once you can stop incurring avoidable losses by spotting disease and insect infestation before it gets out of hand.

Just in time

The state of the art doesn't stop with our collection process. We developed a custom, 100% digital solution to take information straight from the field to the Internet. Our growers can log in to this website to see updated photography, field moisture reports, and weekly irrigation scheduling reports soon after we complete them.

We know how important it is

Timely, accurate and reliable information is what we provide to help you succeed in your farming operation. At Professional Ag Services, we are all full-time professionals who have made agriculture our career. Most of us have been have raised on family farms, and together we have experienced over one hundred growing seasons.