Rapid turnaround of imagery, digital access to photos, a custom designed vegetative index, and near real time predictive indicators; a perfect storm of information.

Serving the greater Columbia Basin since 1987

Aerial Photography

Our system of capturing the images is different from any of the other providers in the country.  We know this because we have designed the system and produced the software plugins ourselves.  After having used the infrared film produced by Kodak for over 15 years we knew there had to be a better way. However, we could not find anything that met our high standards, so several years ago, we designed an all-digital system ourselves.

Since the system is ours, we know it inside and out and are able to overcome many of the problems that are encountered in aerial photography.  For instance, one analysis technique is the use of an index called NDVI.  There are many inherent problems with that method of analysis so in order to overcome them we have designed our own methodology that removes much of the noise and false indications created by the NDVI.

We have also devised a method of tracking several key indicators that have been statistically verified by a third party to have a direct relationship to yield in potatoes. 

Our turn around time on the images is the best in the industry, and there is no better quality in the marketplace.  We strive to have the hard copies of the photos out to the farm the day after they are captured, but with the new state of the art website, photos are usually available for viewing online the same day they are produced. Turn around time is extremely important in our opinion. In the middle of the summer when the temperatures are high, and water usage is high, two or three days is like a lifetime for many crops.  If there is a problem, the farm manager needs to know as soon as possible.

We are able to produce either infrared, normal color, or both that are captured and the very same instant.